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Protect Your Investment with Pool Servicing in Caulfield

A pool can be a major part of your life. You exercise in it. You have friends and families over for good conversation and good food. You make memories that can last a lifetime. For these reasons, its maintenance is extremely important. We understand life is busy, and you may not have time to maintain your pool. THE POOLSTORE offers top-notch pool servicing in Caulfield and its surrounding areas. Led by a fleet of mobile vans, our SPASA trained and experienced technicians can provide high-quality service and maintenance.

Our pool cleaning services are uniquely tailored to your pool. We can do a full vacuuming, provide precise water balancing, and check all of your equipment. Water green? We can make it crystal clear the same day. If your pool pump needs repairs, we can take care of it. Cleaning the filter is vital to maintaining the overall health of your pool, and we can not only clean it but also degrease it. The sand in the filter needs to be changed every four years to maintain maximum performance – and we can do that too.

Of course, many people prefer the independence of knowing how to maintain their pools themselves. In that case, we offer a pool owner handover service. We’ll show you how to maintain and service your pool properly to keep it in great shape—from emptying baskets, water balancing, and backwashing filters.

We understand how important your pool can be to you. It’s your stress relief, your safe haven, your social spot. For that reason, we offer the best pool servicing in Caulfield to ensure that it receives the treatment it deserves. Call us today on (03) 9583 1470.