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Get Top-Quality Pool Pumps in Caulfield with THE POOLSTORE

The pump is the heart of any pool, ensuring that the pool is consistently clean and healthy. For this reason, finding the perfect, high-quality pool pump is of the utmost importance. THE POOLSTORE offers top-quality pool pumps in Caulfield that will keep your pool in peak condition at all times.

One desirable quality of a pool pump is that it operates quietly. Nobody wants a pool pump that is going to be grinding noisily away throughout the day. When you’re conversing with friends, a loud pump can add an unpleasant backdrop for even the best conversations. If you and your guests are into pool games, a game of Marco Polo or pool basketball shouldn’t be disrupted by the noise of the pump (a loud throng of fans would actually be more preferable). For a solitary swim, one typically wants peace and quiet, not mechanical noise. For this reason, we offer the CTX series, by Astralpool, a pump designed to make very little noise and to operate at a high flow where high pressures are required.

We also offer the Viron eVo Pump. This pump is an excellent replacement for an existing single-speed pump. It has three speeds to ensure that you save energy while not sacrificing clear, clean pool water.

These are just two of the high-quality pumps we offer, and we have a variety of other pumps to provide a healthy heart for your swimming pool. For pool pumps in Caulfield, call us today on (03) 9583 1470.