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Keep Your Pool Crystal Clear with a Quality Pool Filter in Caulfield

Your pool provides fun, relaxation, and exercise for you, your family, and your friends – but only if it's clean and operating properly. One way to keep your pool sparkling clean is to replace old filters. If you notice that your filter requires more frequent cleaning, if the water in your pool is no longer clear, or if your skimmer suction is losing strength, it may be time to replace your filter. To find the right pool filter in Caulfield, contact THE POOLSTORE.

Among our many filters is the Astral/Hurlcon EC Media Filter, which offers the same top-quality manufacturing process as the larger filters made by Astralpool. This process means that you can expect it to be economical not only to purchase but also in ease-of-maintenance throughout its life.

There is also the Astral/Hurlcon Cantabric Media Filter. These filters tend to be some of the longer lasting filters available. These filters are a mix of affordability and optimal performance, able to withstand high flow rates without reducing filtration effectiveness.

For the environmentally conscious, THE POOLSTORE offers the Astral/Hurlcon Viron Glass Media Filter. This filter is more environmentally friendly than Zeolite and is suitable for medium and high rate filters. The filter is made from 100% recycled plate glass and can catch more turbid particles, which makes the cleaning more efficient. This benefit also results in the filter requiring shorter run time, thereby saving energy and costs.

Looking for a new pool filter? For a high-quality pool filter in Caulfield, call us on (03) 9583 1470.