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Solar Pool Heating


Solar Pool Heating is the most popular form of pool heating in Australia.  It’s the most responsible way to heat your pool and also the cheapest!


Please contact The Poolstore to discuss the best solar heating solution for your pool.




Austral Solar’s Solar Controls use state-of-the-art equipment and technology and follow extremely stringent quality controls, guidelines and measures, unlike many of their competitors who simply rebrand generic third party solar controllers. All of their equipment is manufactured in their own facility and is based on industry requirements to ensure that they work to the highest possible standard and they are constantly testing and trialling new prototypes in the “field” to further improve their already excellent controllers.


With decades of experience under their belt, Austral Solar know what works and what doesn’t and they’ve built the most efficient and effective Solar Collector in the industry. Their large bore collectors have a unique design that allows more heat to be trapped – not only does this increase the sun catchment area to 130% but it also increases the volume capacity of the unit to a massive 250%! Simply put, their large bore collectors are able to heat large volumes of water quicker than anything else out there and they can do it at a fraction of the cost of powered systems.



Pool Blankets


Solar pool covers are a must-have addition to your swimming pool or spa. Once you have heated your pool, the best way to ensure the heat stays there all year round is with a solar cover.




Heatseeker Diamond Bubble Pool Cover

The Diamond bubble-shape allows for closing spacing and therefore greater insulation. The Diamond Bubble Cover has 14.6% greater heat retention than the original Round Bubble Cover. Blue available in 300 Micron, 400 Micron, 500 Micron & 600 Micron (Green available in 500 Micron only).



Heatseeker Diamond Space Age Bubble Pool Cover

The Space Age Cover collects heat from the sun’s rays and reflects this heat back into the pool, resulting in 23% greater heat retention than the original Round Bubble Cover.




Supreme Heating Pool Rollers

The range extends from entry level mobile rollers to a fully automated remote controlled underground or wall mounted rollers

Supreme pool rollers are quick and easy to use, making the process of removing and replacing your pool cover simple. Made from a stainless steel frame with powder coating for added protection, the roller comes with a wheel, handle and brake to ensure the cover is easy to use. A remote-controlled motor can be fitted inside the roller tube if desired.   



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"They have the best prices on pool equipment and the best service of any pool shop in the area"

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